Nebraska Revised Statute 44-224.08

Chapter 44 Section 224.08


Reinsurance; special meetings of shareholders; notice.

All special meetings of shareholders or members called pursuant to sections 44-224.03, 44-224.05, and 44-224.07 shall be called upon a printed notice which shall contain (1) the time, place, and purpose of the meeting, (2) a brief statement of the substance of the contract and, in the case of the type of a bulk reinsurance contract contemplated by subsection (3) of section 44-224.05, a brief statement of the plan for distributing or otherwise disposing of the surplus assets, if any, of the ceding company, and (3) a copy of the order of the director approving the contract. Such notice shall be mailed at least ten days prior to the date the special meeting is called and shall be directed to the shareholder or member at his or her last post office address appearing on the records of the company.


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