Nebraska Revised Statute 44-1804

Chapter 44 Section 1804


Failure to cease making misrepresentation; action by director.

If after thirty days following the giving of the notice mentioned in section 44-1803 such insurer has failed to cease making, issuing, or circulating such false misrepresentations or causing the same to be made, issued, or circulated in this state and if the director has reason to believe that a proceeding by him or her in respect to such matters would be to the interest of the public and that such insurer is issuing or delivering contracts of insurance to residents of this state or collecting premiums on such contracts or doing any of the acts enumerated in section 44-1805, he or she shall take action against such insurer under the Unfair Insurance Trade Practices Act.


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Cross References

  • Unfair Insurance Trade Practices Act, see section 44-1521.