43-1411.01. Paternity or parental support; jurisdiction; termination of parental rights; provisions applicable.

(1) An action for paternity or parental support under sections 43-1401 to 43-1418 may be initiated by filing a complaint with the clerk of the district court as provided in section 25-2740. Such proceeding may be heard by the county court or the district court as provided in section 25-2740. A paternity determination under sections 43-1411 to 43-1418 may also be decided in a county court or separate juvenile court if the county court or separate juvenile court already has jurisdiction over the child whose paternity is to be determined.

(2) Whenever termination of parental rights is placed in issue in any case arising under sections 43-1401 to 43-1418, the Nebraska Juvenile Code and the Parenting Act shall apply to such proceedings.

(3) The court may stay the paternity action if there is a pending criminal allegation of sexual assault under section 28-319 or 28-320 or a law in another jurisdiction similar to either section 28-319 or 28-320 against the alleged father with regard to the conception of the child.

Source:Laws 1997, LB 229, § 38; Laws 1998, LB 1041, § 46; Laws 2004, LB 1207, § 40; Laws 2008, LB1014, § 46; Laws 2013, LB561, § 44; Laws 2017, LB289, § 20.
Effective Date: August 24, 2017

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