39-2806. Economic Opportunity Program; created.

The Economic Opportunity Program is created. The Department of Transportation shall administer the program in consultation with the Department of Economic Development using funds from the Transportation Infrastructure Bank Fund, except that no more than twenty million dollars shall be expended for this program. The purpose of the program is to finance transportation improvements to attract and support new businesses and business expansions by successfully connecting such businesses to Nebraska’s multimodal transportation network and to increase employment, create high-quality jobs, increase business investment, and revitalize rural and other distressed areas of the state. The Department of Transportation shall develop the program, including the application process, criteria for providing funding, matching requirements, and provisions for recapturing funds awarded for projects with unmet obligations, in consultation with statewide associations representing municipal and county officials, economic developers, and the Department of Economic Development. No project shall be approved through the Economic Opportunity Program without an economic impact analysis proving positive economic impact. The details of the program shall be presented to the Appropriations Committee and the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee of the Legislature on or before December 1, 2016.

Source:Laws 2016, LB960, § 6; Laws 2017, LB339, § 174.
Operative Date: July 1, 2017Termination Date: June 30, 2033