39-212. Acquisition of interest in property; control of advertising outside of right-of-way; compensation; removal; costs; payment by department.

(1) The Department of Transportation may acquire the interest in real or personal property necessary to exercise the power authorized by subdivision (2)(m) of section 39-1320 and to pay just compensation upon removal of the following outdoor advertising signs, displays, and devices, as well as just compensation for the disconnection and removal of electrical service to the same:

(a) Those lawfully erected or in existence prior to March 27, 1972, and not conforming to the provisions of sections 39-212 to 39-222 except as otherwise authorized by such sections; and

(b) Those lawfully erected after March 27, 1972, which become nonconforming after being erected.

(2) Such compensation for removal of such signs, displays, and devices is authorized to be paid only for the following:

(a) The taking from the owner of such sign, display, or device or of all right, title, leasehold, and interest in connection with such sign, display, or device, or both; and

(b) The taking from the owner of the real property on which the sign, display, or device is located of the right to erect and maintain such signs, displays, and devices thereon.

(3) In all instances where signs, displays, or devices which are served electrically are taken under subdivision (2)(a) of this section, the department shall pay just compensation to the supplier of electricity for supportable costs of disconnection and removal of such service to the nearest distribution line or, in the event such sign, display, or device is relocated, just compensation for removal of such service to the point of relocation.

Except for expenditures for the removal of nonconforming signs erected between April 16, 1982, and May 27, 1983, the department shall not be required to expend any funds under sections 39-212 to 39-222 and 39-1320 unless and until federal-aid matching funds are made available for this purpose.

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Operative Date: July 1, 2017