Nebraska Revised Statute 39-1723

Chapter 39 Section 1723


Road vacation or abandonment; electors' petition; contents; study and report.

Any person desiring the vacation or abandonment of any public road of the county shall file in the office of the county clerk of the proper county, a petition signed by ten or more electors residing within ten miles of the road proposed to be vacated or abandoned, which petition shall contain (1) the names and addresses of said electors, (2) a clear and unambiguous description of the road proposed to be vacated or abandoned, (3) the reason or reasons why said road should be vacated or abandoned, and (4) a request that a time and date be set for public hearing before the county board. The county board shall within two weeks thereafter direct the county highway superintendent, or in counties having no highway superintendent then such person as the board may direct, to proceed in the manner set forth in section 39-1722.


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