39-1722. Road vacation or abandonment; resolution of county board directing study; report to board; permanent record.

The county board of any county may by resolution, when it deems the public interest may require vacation or abandonment of a public road of the county, direct the county highway superintendent or in counties having no highway superintendent then such person as the board may direct to study the use being made of such public road and to submit in writing to the county board within thirty days, a report upon the study made and his or her recommendation as to the vacation or abandonment thereof. Said resolution and report shall be retained in the office of the county clerk as a part of the permanent public records of the county board; Provided, that the county board shall not require vacation or abandonment of any public road or any part thereof which is within the area of the zoning jurisdiction of a city of the metropolitan, primary, or first class without the prior approval of the governing body of such city.

Source:Laws 1957, c. 155, art. IV, § 22, p. 547; Laws 1971, LB 192, § 2; Laws 1980, LB 607, § 1.