39-1411. Road and bridge records, who must keep; carrying capacity posted on bridges.

The county highway superintendent or some other qualified person designated by the county board shall keep in his office a road record which shall include a record of the proceedings in regard to the laying out, establishing, changing, or discontinuing of all roads in the county hereafter established, changed or discontinued, and a record of the cost and maintenance of all such roads. Such person shall record in the bridge record, a record of all county bridges and culverts showing number, location and description of each, and a record of the cost of construction and maintenance of all such bridges and culverts. Such person shall cause to be firmly posted or attached upon each bridge in a conspicuous place at each end thereof a board or metal sign showing the carrying capacity or weight which the bridge will safely carry or bear.

Source:Laws 1957, c. 155, art. I, ยง 11, p. 511.

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