39-1328. State highways; frontage roads; abutting owners, egress and ingress.

The department is authorized to designate, establish, design, construct, maintain, vacate, alter, improve, and regulate frontage roads within the boundaries of any present or hereafter acquired right-of-way and to exercise the same jurisdiction over such frontage roads as is authorized over controlled-access facilities. Such frontage roads may be connected to or separated from the controlled-access facilities at such places as the department shall determine to be consistent with public safety. Upon the construction of any frontage road, any right of access between the controlled-access facility and property abutting or adjacent to such frontage road shall terminate and ingress and egress shall be provided to the frontage road at such places as will afford reasonable and safe connections.

Source:Laws 1955, c. 148, ยง 28, p. 430.