39-1311.02. Corridor; review of preliminary subdivision plat; building permit; required.

(1) A review of a preliminary subdivision plat shall be required for all proposals to subdivide land or to make public or private improvements on all land within an approved corridor.

(2) A building permit shall be required for all structures within an approved corridor if the actual cost of the structure exceeds one thousand dollars. Structures include, but are not limited to, any construction or improvement to land such as public or private streets, sidewalks, and utilities; golf course tee boxes, fairways, or greens; drainage facilities; storm water detention areas; mitigation sites; green space; landscaped areas; or other similar uses. Any application for a building permit shall include a plat drawn by a person licensed as a professional engineer or architect under the Engineers and Architects Regulation Act or registered as a land surveyor as provided in the Land Surveyors Regulation Act showing the location of all existing and proposed structures in the area subject to corridor protection.

Source:Laws 1974, LB 805, § 3; Laws 2003, LB 187, § 9; Laws 2015, LB138, § 4.

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