39-1111. State Highway Commission; quarterly report; contents; file with Governor; file with Clerk of the Legislature.

The State Highway Commission shall file with the Governor each quarter a report fully and accurately showing conditions existing in the state with reference to the state's highway building and as to construction and maintenance work. Such reports shall further contain an itemized statement of all expenditures and the purposes for such expenditures since the last report submitted to the Governor. Each of such reports shall further contain an itemized budget of all proposed expenditures for the ensuing quarter. A copy of such report shall be filed electronically with the Clerk of the Legislature and be made available to the public. Each member of the Legislature shall receive an electronic copy of such report by making a request for it to the secretary of the commission.

Source:Laws 1953, c. 334, § 11, p. 1099; Laws 1979, LB 322, § 11; Laws 2012, LB782, § 39.