Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1221

Chapter 38 Section 1221


License; requirements; term.

(1) To be eligible for a license under the Emergency Medical Services Practice Act, an individual shall have attained the age of eighteen years and met the requirements established in accordance with subdivision (1), (2), or (15) of section 38-1217.

(2) All licenses issued under the act other than temporary licenses shall expire the second year after issuance.

(3) An individual holding a certificate under the Emergency Medical Services Act on December 1, 2008, shall be deemed to be holding a license under the Uniform Credentialing Act and the Emergency Medical Services Practice Act on such date. The certificate holder may continue to practice under such certificate as a license in accordance with the Uniform Credentialing Act until the certificate would have expired under its terms.

Cross References

  • Credentialing,general requirements and issuance procedures, see section 38-121 et seq.