38-10,150. Nail technology school; license; application; requirements.

Along with the application, an applicant for a license to operate a nail technology school shall submit:

(1) A detailed floor plan or blueprint of the proposed school building sufficient to show compliance with the relevant rules and regulations;

(2) Evidence of minimal property damage, personal injury, and liability insurance coverage for the proposed school;

(3) A copy of the curriculum to be taught for all courses;

(4) A copy of the school rules and the student contract;

(5) A list of the names and credentials of all persons licensed or registered under the Cosmetology, Electrology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Body Art Practice Act to be employed by the school and the name and qualifications of the school manager;

(6) A completed nail technology education evaluation scale;

(7) A schedule of proposed hours of operation and class and course scheduling; and

(8) Any additional information the department may require.

A nail technology school's license shall be valid only for the location named in the application. When a school desires to change locations, it shall comply with section 38-10,158.

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