Nebraska Revised Statute 37-717

Chapter 37 Section 717


Inclusion in register; nomination; priorities.

(1) At least once each year, the commission shall meet with interested parties to review the status, distribution, and significance of the animal and plant species and natural areas within Nebraska. After completing the review, the sites may be nominated for inclusion in the register and submitted with nomination documents for consideration by the commission. Nomination of natural areas for inclusion in the register shall be based on one or more of the following priorities:

(a) Rareness of the natural heritage features on a national, statewide, or ecological region scale;

(b) Excellence and completeness of the natural heritage features found in the natural area;

(c) Degree to which a natural area or its natural heritage features are threatened with incompatible use;

(d) Degree of protection afforded to similar features elsewhere in the state or ecological region; and

(e) Viability of the natural features in the natural area.

(2) Following approval of nominated natural areas by the commission, the natural area shall be added to the register. No privately owned lands may be nominated for registration without prior notice to the owner or registered without voluntary consent of the owner.


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