37-492. Commission; rules and regulations; commission orders; limitations upon game breeding and controlled shooting areas.

The commission may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations and pass commission orders for carrying out, administering, and enforcing the provisions of sections 37-484 to 37-496. The commission shall limit the number of areas proposed for licensing so that the total acreage licensed for game breeding and controlled shooting areas in any one county does not exceed two percent of the total acreage of the county in which the areas are sought to be licensed. The commission shall not require distances between boundaries of game breeding and controlled shooting areas to be greater than two miles. No license shall be issued for any area whereon mallard ducks are shot or to be shot if the area lies within three miles of any river or within three miles of any lake with an area exceeding three acres, except that a license may be issued for such area for the shooting of upland game birds only, and the rearing or shooting of mallard ducks thereon is prohibited.

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