37-479. Captive wildlife permit; issuance; fee; prohibited acts; violation; penalty.

(1) To purchase, possess, propagate, or sell captive wild birds, captive wild mammals, or captive wildlife as specified in subsection (1) of section 37-477 or to sell parts thereof, except as provided in section 37-505, a person shall apply to the commission on a form prescribed by the commission for a captive wildlife permit. The commission shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations specifying application requirements and procedures. The permit shall expire on December 31. The application for the permit shall include the applicant's social security number. The annual fee for such permit shall be not more than thirty dollars, as established by the commission pursuant to section 37-327. A holder of a captive wildlife permit shall report to the commission by January 15 for the preceding calendar year on forms provided by the commission. The commission shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations specifying the requirements for the reports.

(2) A permitholder shall not (a) take wild birds, wild mammals, or wildlife from the wild in Nebraska or (b) purchase wild birds, wild mammals, or wildlife from any person other than the commission or a person authorized to propagate and dispose of wild birds, wild mammals, or wildlife. A permit under this section is not required for possession or production of domesticated cervine animals as defined in section 54-701.03.

(3) It shall be unlawful to lure or entice wildlife into a domesticated cervine animal facility for the purpose of containing such wildlife. Any person violating this subsection shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined at least one thousand dollars.

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