Nebraska Revised Statute 37-473

Chapter 37 Section 473


Permit for hunting mountain lions; application fee; auction; use of proceeds.

(1) The commission may issue permits for hunting mountain lions and may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations therefor within the limitations prescribed in subsection (1) of section 37-447 and section 37-452 for hunting deer. Any authorized permits shall be issued to residents of Nebraska, except that permits issued by auction may be issued to nonresidents.

(2) The commission shall, pursuant to section 37-327, establish and charge a nonrefundable application fee of not more than twenty-five dollars for permits issued only to residents. Any number of resident-only permits, as authorized by the commission, shall be awarded by random drawing to eligible applicants. No permit fee shall be charged in addition to the nonrefundable application fee.

(3) No more than one additional permit may be authorized and issued pursuant to an auction open to residents and nonresidents. The auction shall be conducted according to rules and regulations prescribed by the commission. Any money derived from the sale of permits by auction shall be used only for perpetuation and management of mountain lions.