37-324. Funds from permits and publications; placed in the State Game Fund; how used.

(1) The funds derived from the sale of permits and publications as provided in the Game Law, any unexpended balance now on hand from the sale of hunting, fur-harvesting, and fishing permits, and all money required by the Game Law to be paid into the State Game Fund are hereby appropriated to the use of the commission (a) for the propagation, importation, protection, preservation, and distribution of game and fish and necessary equipment therefor and all things pertaining thereto, (b) for the creation of cash funds under section 37-326, (c) for the administration and enforcement of the State Boat Act, (d) for boating safety educational programs, (e) for the construction and maintenance of boating and docking facilities, navigation aids, and access to boating areas and such other uses which will promote the safety and convenience of the boating public in Nebraska, and (f) for publishing costs for publications relating to topics listed in subdivisions (a) and (b) of this subsection and other topics of general interest to the state as approved by the commission. An amount equal to two dollars from each annual resident fishing permit and two dollars from each combination hunting and fishing permit sold in this state shall be used by the commission for the administration, construction, operation, and maintenance of fish hatcheries and for the distribution of fish.

(2) Expenditures for publications on topics of general interest to the state shall not exceed the income derived from single-copy and subscription sales of commission publications and advertising revenue from such publications.

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