Nebraska Revised Statute 37-1283

Chapter 37 Section 1283


New certificate; when issued; proof required; processing of application.

(1) In the event of the transfer of ownership of a motorboat by operation of law as upon inheritance, devise, or bequest, order in bankruptcy, insolvency, replevin, or execution sale, (2) whenever a motorboat is sold to satisfy storage or repair charges or under section 76-1607, or (3) whenever repossession is had upon default in performance of the terms of a chattel mortgage, trust receipt, conditional sales contract, or other like agreement, and upon acceptance of an electronic certificate of title record after repossession, in addition to the title requirements in this section, the county treasurer of any county or the Department of Motor Vehicles, upon the surrender of the prior certificate of title or the manufacturer's or importer's certificate, or when that is not possible, upon presentation of satisfactory proof of ownership and right of possession to the motorboat, and upon payment of the fee prescribed in section 37-1287 and the presentation of an application for certificate of title, may issue to the applicant a certificate of title thereto. If the prior certificate of title issued for the motorboat provided for joint ownership with right of survivorship, a new certificate of title shall be issued to a subsequent purchaser upon the assignment of the prior certificate of title by the surviving owner and presentation of satisfactory proof of death of the deceased owner. Only an affidavit by the person or agent of the person to whom possession of the motorboat has so passed, setting forth facts entitling him or her to such possession and ownership, together with a copy of the journal entry, court order, or instrument upon which such claim of possession and ownership is founded shall be considered satisfactory proof of ownership and right of possession, except that if the applicant cannot produce such proof of ownership, he or she may submit to the department such evidence as he or she may have and the department may thereupon, if it finds the evidence sufficient, issue the certificate of title or authorize any county treasurer to issue a certificate of title, as the case may be. If from the records of the county treasurer or the department there appear to be any liens on the motorboat, the certificate of title shall comply with section 37-1282 regarding the liens unless the application is accompanied by proper evidence of their satisfaction or extinction.


Cross References

  • Certificate of title, negligent execution by government employee, see sections 13-910 and 81-8,219.