29-2521.04. Criminal homicide cases; Supreme Court review and analyze; district court; provide records.

Each district court shall provide all records required by the Supreme Court in order to conduct its review and analysis pursuant to sections 29-2521.01 to 29-2522 and 29-2524.

Source:Laws 1978, LB 711, § 4; Laws 2015, LB268, § 35; Referendum 2016, No. 426.
Note: The repeal of section 29-2521.04 by Laws 2015, LB 268, section 35, is not effective because of the vote on the referendum at the November 2016 general election. This version of section 29-2521.04 is found in the 2008 Reissue of Volume 2A of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska.