29-1407.01. Grand jury proceedings; reporter; duties; transcript; statements; availability.

(1) A certified or authorized reporter shall be present at all grand jury sessions. All grand jury proceedings and testimony from commencement to adjournment shall be reported.

(2)(a) Except as provided in subdivision (2)(b) of this section, the reporter's notes and any transcripts which may be prepared shall be preserved, sealed, and filed with the court. No release or destruction of the notes or transcripts shall occur without prior court approval.

(b) In the case of a grand jury impaneled pursuant to subsection (4) of section 29-1401, a transcript, including any exhibits of the grand jury proceedings, shall be prepared at court expense and shall be filed with the court where it shall be available for public review. Such transcript shall not include the names of grand jurors or their deliberations.

(3) Upon application by the prosecutor, or by any witness after notice to the prosecutor, the court, for good cause, may enter an order to furnish to that witness a transcript of his or her own grand jury testimony, or minutes, reports, or exhibits relating thereto.

(4) Any witness summoned to testify before a grand jury, or an attorney for such witness with the witness's written approval, shall be entitled, prior to testifying, to examine and copy at the witness's expense any statement in the possession of the prosecuting attorney or the grand jury which such witness has made that relates to the subject matter under inquiry by the grand jury. If a witness is proceeding in forma pauperis, he or she shall be furnished, upon request, a copy of such transcript and shall not pay a fee.

Source:Laws 1979, LB 524, § 3; Laws 2016, LB1000, § 8.