Nebraska Revised Statute 27-101

Chapter 27 Section 101


Rule 101. Scope.

These rules govern proceedings in the courts of the State of Nebraska, except to the extent and with the exceptions stated in section 27-1101.


  • Laws 1975, LB 279, § 1.


  • In proceedings where the Nebraska Evidence Rules apply, the admissibility of evidence is controlled by the Nebraska Evidence Rules; judicial discretion is involved only when the rules make discretion a factor in determining admissibility. State v. Draganescu, 276 Neb. 448, 755 N.W.2d 57 (2008).

  • When a state evidence rule is substantially similar to a corresponding federal rule of evidence, state courts may look to federal decisions interpreting the corresponding federal rule for guidance in construing the state rule. State v. Draganescu, 276 Neb. 448, 755 N.W.2d 57 (2008).

  • Where the Nebraska Evidence Rules commit the evidentiary question at issue to the discretion of the trial court, an appellate court reviews the admissibility of evidence for an abuse of discretion. State v. Draganescu, 276 Neb. 448, 755 N.W.2d 57 (2008).

  • At a juvenile adjudication hearing, the admissibility of evidence is governed by the customary rules of evidence used in trials without a jury. The Nebraska Evidence Rules do not apply at a dispositional hearing. The requirements of due process control a dispositional hearing and the type of evidence which may be used by the State. In re Interest of O.L.D. and M.D.D., 1 Neb. App. 471, 499 N.W.2d 552 (1993).