25-520.01. Service by publication; mailing of published notice; requirements; waiver; when mailing not required.

In any action or proceeding of any kind or nature, as defined in section 25-520.02, where a notice by publication is given as authorized by law, a party instituting or maintaining the action or proceeding with respect to notice or his attorney shall within five days after the first publication of notice send by United States mail a copy of such published notice to each and every party appearing to have a direct legal interest in such action or proceeding whose name and post office address are known to him. Proof by affidavit of the mailing of such notice shall be made by the party or his attorney and shall be filed with the officer with whom filings are required to be made in such action or proceeding within ten days after mailing of such notice. Such affidavit of mailing of notice shall further be required to state that such party and his attorney, after diligent investigation and inquiry, were unable to ascertain and do not know the post office address of any other party appearing to have a direct legal interest in such action or proceeding other than those to whom notice has been mailed in writing. It shall not be necessary to serve the notice prescribed by this section upon any competent person, fiduciary, partnership, or corporation, who has waived notice in writing, entered a voluntary appearance, or has been personally served with summons or notice in such proceeding.

Source:Laws 1957, c. 80, § 1, p. 325; Laws 1959, c. 97, § 1, p. 416.