25-2504. Agency; hearing; where held; relocations; notice; hearings.

After giving notice pursuant to section 25-2503, the agency shall hold a public hearing on the proposed project and acquisition at least thirty days before beginning negotiations for such acquisition. Notice of such public hearing shall be published at least ten days prior to such hearing in a legal newspaper published in and of general circulation in each county, if such a newspaper exists, or if no such newspaper is published in the county, notice shall be published in a newspaper which has been designated as the official legal notice publication by the county board and is of general circulation in the county or counties in which the hearing is to be held. When the proposed acquisition consists of property from more than one county, a hearing shall be held in the county seat of each county. When the proposed acquisition is countywide in scope, the hearing shall be held at the county seat. When the proposed acquisition involves a lesser area, the hearing shall be held in a location convenient to the property to be acquired. When the proposed acquisition involves property located outside this state, the hearing shall be held at the principal office of the agency.

At the hearing, the agency shall explain the nature of and necessity for the project for which it seeks to acquire property, the reasons for selecting the particular location or route, the right of each owner of property to be represented by an attorney and to negotiate and accept or reject the offer of damages which will be sustained by the proposed acquisition, and the right to require that such damages be determined pursuant to the procedures for acquisition by eminent domain. The agency shall hear and consider any objections from any person.

If the agency relocates the proposed project following such hearing and such relocation would require the acquisition of rights or interests in the property of more than ten additional owners of separately owned tracts to whom notice was not previously given, the agency shall give notice as provided in section 25-2503 to such additional owners and shall hold a public hearing as provided in this section with reference solely to that part of the project which has been relocated; Provided, that the time restrictions in section 25-2503 and this section shall not be applicable to any such additional notice, hearing, or negotiations.

Source:Laws 1973, LB 187, § 4; Laws 1974, LB 653, § 2; Laws 1983, LB 538, § 1.