Nebraska Revised Statute 25-21,188.02

Chapter 25 Section 21,188.02


Volunteer in free clinic or other facility; immunity; when.

(1) A person credentialed under the Uniform Credentialing Act to practice as a physician, osteopathic physician, pharmacist, dentist, physician assistant, nurse, or physical therapist who, without the expectation or receipt of monetary or other compensation either directly or indirectly, provides professional services, of a kind which are eligible for reimbursement under the medical assistance program established pursuant to the Medical Assistance Act, as a volunteer in a free clinic or other facility operated by a not-for-profit organization as defined in section 25-21,190, by an agency of the state, or by any political subdivision shall be immune from civil liability for any act or omission which results in damage or injury unless such damage or injury was caused by the willful or wanton act or omission of such practitioner.

(2) The individual immunity granted by subsection (1) of this section shall not extend to any act or omission of such practitioner which results in damage or injury if:

(a) The free clinic or other facility is operated by a licensed hospital;

(b) The practitioner has been disciplined by the professional board having oversight over that practitioner in the previous five years at the time of the act or omission causing injury; or

(c) The damage or injury is caused by such practitioner (i) during the operation of any motor vehicle, airplane, or boat or (ii) while impaired by alcohol or any controlled substance enumerated in section 28-405.

Cross References

  • Medical Assistance Act, see section 68-901.
  • Uniform Credentialing Act, see section 38-101.