Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1545

Chapter 25 Section 1545


Execution; sheriff; amercement; causes; procedure.

If any sheriff or other officer shall refuse or neglect to execute any writ of execution to him directed which has come to his hands; or shall neglect or refuse to sell any goods and chattels, lands and tenements; or shall neglect to call an inquest and return a copy thereof forthwith to the clerk's office; or shall neglect to return any writ of execution to the proper court, on or before the return day thereof; or shall neglect to return a just and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels by him taken in execution, unless the said sheriff or other officer shall return that he has levied and made the amount of the debt, damages and costs; or shall refuse or neglect on demand to pay over to the plaintiff, his agent or attorney of record, all money by him collected or received, for the use of said party, at any time after collecting or receiving the same, except as provided in section 25-1531; or shall neglect or refuse on demand made by the defendant, his agent or attorney of record, to pay over all money by him received for any sale made, beyond what is sufficient to satisfy the writ or writs of execution, with interest and legal costs, such sheriff or officer shall, on motion in court and two days' notice thereof in writing, be amerced in the amount of said debt, damages and costs, with ten percent thereon, to and for the use of said plaintiff or defendant, as the case may be.


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  • Inquiry is permitted whether the debt could have been collected, and whether its collection has been prejudiced by the acts of the officer. Ehlers v. Gallagher, 147 Neb. 97, 22 N.W.2d 396 (1946).

  • Judgment of amercement against sheriff, without notice, is void. Fire Assn. of Philadelphia v. Ruby, 58 Neb. 730, 79 N.W. 723 (1899).

  • Court may permit sheriff to amend return to conform to facts upon proper showing. Phoenix Ins. Co. v. King, 52 Neb. 562, 72 N.W. 855 (1897); Shufeldt & Co. v. Barlass, 33 Neb. 785, 51 N.W. 134 (1892).

  • Sheriff disburses money received on execution, and is not required to pay it into court. Luce v. Foster, 42 Neb. 818, 60 N.W. 1027 (1894).

  • Sureties on sheriffs' bond are liable in an action upon judgment of amercement. McNee v. Sewell, 14 Neb. 532, 16 N.W. 827 (1883).