25-1542. Judgment lien; when lost.

No judgment on which execution has not been taken out and levied before the expiration of five years after its entry shall operate as a lien upon the estate of any debtor to the preference of any other bona fide judgment creditor or purchaser, but when judgment has been or may be rendered in the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court and any special mandate awarded to the district court to carry the same into execution, the lien of the judgment creditor shall continue for five years after the first day of the next term of the district court to which such mandate may be directed. Nothing in this section shall be construed to defeat the lien of any judgment creditor who fails to take out execution and cause a levy to be made as provided in this section when such failure is occasioned by appeal, proceedings in error, or injunction or by a vacancy in the office of sheriff and coroner or the inability of such officers until one year after such disability is removed.

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