25-1531. Mortgage foreclosure; confirmation of sale; grounds for refusing to confirm; time; motion; notice.

If the court, upon the return of any writ of execution, or order of sale for the satisfaction of which any lands and tenements have been sold, shall, after having carefully examined the proceedings of the officer, be satisfied that the sale has in all respects been made in conformity to the provisions of this chapter and that the said property was sold for fair value, under the circumstances and conditions of the sale, or, that a subsequent sale would not realize a greater amount, the court shall direct the clerk to make an entry on the journal that the court is satisfied of the legality of such sale, and an order that the officer make the purchaser a deed of such lands and tenements. Prior to the confirmation of sale pursuant to this section, the party seeking confirmation of sale shall, except in the circumstances described in section 40-103, provide notice to the debtor informing him or her of the homestead exemption procedure available pursuant to Chapter 40, article 1. The notice shall be given by certified mailing at least ten days prior to any hearing on confirmation of sale. The officer on making such sale may retain the purchase money in his or her hands until the court shall have examined his or her proceedings as aforesaid, when he or she shall pay the same to the person entitled thereto, agreeable to the order of the court. If such sale pertains to mortgaged premises being sold under foreclosure proceedings and the amount of such sale is less than the amount of the decree rendered in such proceedings, the court may refuse to confirm such sale, if, in its opinion, such mortgaged premises have a fair and reasonable value equal to or greater than the amount of the decree. The court shall in any case condition the confirmation of such sale upon such terms or under such conditions as may be just and equitable. The judge of any district court may confirm any sale at any time after such officer has made his or her return, on motion and ten days' notice to the adverse party or his or her attorney of record, if made in vacation and such notice shall include information on the homestead exemption procedure available pursuant to Chapter 40, article 1. When any sale is confirmed in vacation the judge confirming the same shall cause his or her order to be entered on the journal by the clerk. Upon application to the court by the judgment debtor within sixty days of the confirmation of any sale confirmed pursuant to this section, such sale shall be set aside if the court finds that the party seeking confirmation of sale failed to provide notice to the judgment debtor regarding homestead exemption procedures at least ten days prior to the confirmation of sale as required by this section.

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