Nebraska Revised Statute 25-12,120

Chapter 25 Section 12,120


Hospital records; examination and inspection; presumption of consent; hospital medical staff committee; hospitalization utilization committee.

From and after October 23, 1967, in the interest of public health and the improvement of patient medical and hospital care and in the interest of effective utilization of hospital facilities it shall be conclusively presumed that all persons hospitalized in any hospital in the State of Nebraska or confined in any extended care facility in the State of Nebraska have consented to the examination and inspection of all medical records of such hospital or extended care facility relating to such patient's care, treatment and the need for hospitalization or extended care by any hospital medical staff committee or by any utilization review committee for the purpose of studying and evaluating the necessity and the quality of the hospital and medical care and treatment or extended care provided to such patient and the necessity for continuation of such hospitalization or extended care of such patient. Hospital medical staff committee or hospital utilization committee as used in sections 25-12,120 and 25-12,121 shall mean a committee required by federal law or regulation for the purpose of administering in whole or in part a federal program for health care.


  • Laws 1967, c. 142, § 1, p. 437.