Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1087

Chapter 25 Section 1087


Order of appointment; special directions.

Every order appointing a receiver shall contain special directions in respect to his powers and duties, and upon application of any party to the suit, after due notice thereof, such further directions may be made in that behalf by the court or judge as may in the further progress of the cause become proper.


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  • Order appointing receiver should contain special directions with respect to his powers and duties. Frese v. Michalec, 151 Neb. 57, 36 N.W.2d 494 (1949).

  • A judicial order appointing a receiver to liquidate affairs of insolvent state bank includes power of receiver to sue executive officer of bank and surety on his bond to recover losses sustained by bank for acts in violation of the bond. Luikart v. Flannigan, 130 Neb. 901, 267 N.W. 165 (1936).

  • This section was incorporated by reference in procedure for liquidation by court of affairs of insolvent bank. State ex rel. Sorensen v. Nebraska State Bank of Bloomfield, 124 Neb. 449, 247 N.W. 31 (1933).

  • Orders will not be modified unless abuse of discretion is shown. State v. Bank of Rushville, 57 Neb. 608, 78 N.W. 281 (1899).

  • Receiver may sue for and collect unpaid stock subscriptions that are called for by the directors of the corporation before it is put in the hands of a receiver. Wyman v. Williams, 53 Neb. 670, 74 N.W. 48 (1898).