25-1003. Attachment; plaintiff's undertaking; bond; amount.

(1) The judge to whom the affidavit described in section 25-1002 is presented shall determine the amount of an undertaking the plaintiff shall be required to file. The judge shall also approve the sufficiency of one or more sureties of the plaintiff, unless the plaintiff presents, by affidavit or otherwise, specific facts demonstrating that no sureties are necessary to protect the defendant from loss.

(2) In determining the amount of the bond described in subsection (1) of this section, the judge shall be guided by the amount of probable damage that will be suffered by the defendant if his or her property is wrongfully attached. In estimating the probable damage the defendant would suffer, the judge shall consider all the circumstances presented to him or her in the plaintiff's affidavits, including the value of any of the defendant's property described therein.

(3) After determining the amount of the plaintiff's undertaking, along with necessary sureties, the judge shall, if an order of attachment is otherwise proper under section 25-1002, direct the clerk to issue, after the necessary bond is filed, an order of attachment in an amount determined by the judge to approximate the amount of the claim and the costs of the action including the costs of the attachment.

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