23-903. County budget; scope and contents.

The budget of the county shall present a complete financial plan for the period for which said budget is drawn, as hereinafter provided. It shall set forth (1) all proposed expenditures for the administration, operation and maintenance of all offices, departments, activities, funds and institutions of the county, (2) the actual or estimated operating deficits from prior years, (3) all interest and debt redemption charges during the period covered by said budget, (4) all expenditures for capital projects to be undertaken or executed during the period covered by said budget, including expenditures for local improvements which may be paid for in whole or in part by special assessments and operating reserves, and (5) the anticipated income, including all fees, license taxes, taxes to be levied and all other means of financing the proposed expenditures for the period covered by said budget; Provided, however, in counties having a population of two hundred thousand or more inhabitants, sections 23-901 to 23-919 shall not apply to any matters connected with the foreclosure of taxes and the county board can at any time appropriate, from the unexpended balances out of the general fund, the sums of money necessary to carry through such a tax foreclosure action or actions.

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