Nebraska Revised Statute 23-2526

Chapter 23 Section 2526


Personal service; classified service; certification of payrolls.

(1) No county personnel or fiscal or other officer shall make or approve or take any part in making or approving any payment for personal service to any person holding a position in the classified service unless the payroll voucher or account of such pay bears the certification of the county personnel officer or his or her authorized agent, in the manner he or she may prescribe, that the persons named therein have been appointed and employed in accordance with the County Civil Service Act and the rules and regulations adopted hereunder.

(2) The county personnel officer may, for proper cause, withhold certification from a payroll any specific item or items thereon. The personnel officer shall provide that certification of payrolls be made each year and that such certification shall remain in effect except in the case of an officer or employee whose status has changed after the last certification of his or her payroll, in which case no voucher for payment of salary to such officer or employee shall be issued or payment of salary made without further certification by the personnel officer.