Nebraska Revised Statute 23-1514

Revised Statutes » Chapter 23 » 23-1514
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23-1514. Numerical index; entries.

It shall be the duty of the register of deeds on receiving any conveyance or instrument affecting realty, including construction liens, to cause such conveyance or instrument to be entered upon the numerical index immediately after filing if such conveyance or instrument contains or has an exhibit attached containing the full legal description of the realty affected. Instruments purporting to release, assign, or amend a conveyance or instrument previously recorded shall contain the book and page number or microfilm or computer reference of the previously recorded instrument and a full legal description of the realty affected.


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Numerical index and general index should both be checked by abstracter. Crook v. Chilvers, 99 Neb. 684, 157 N.W. 617 (1916).

Failure to enter mechanic's lien on numerical index does not defeat the lien if the claim for lien has in all other respects been properly recorded. Drexel v. Richards, 50 Neb. 509, 70 N.W. 23 (1897).

If deed is taken to office and fees paid therefor, it is valid as against world. Deming v. Miles, 35 Neb. 739, 53 N.W. 665 (1892); Perkins v. Strong, 22 Neb. 725, 36 N.W. 292 (1888).

Fees for certified copies of numerical index must be reported. State ex rel. Frontier County v. Kelly, 30 Neb. 574, 46 N.W. 714 (1890).

Error in entering on numerical index, where otherwise properly indexed and recorded, cannot be urged by subsequent purchasers. Lincoln B. & S. Assn. v. Hass, 10 Neb. 581, 7 N.W. 327 (1880).