21-305. Foreign corporations; biennial report; contents.

The biennial report required under section 21-304 from a foreign corporation shall show:

(1) The exact corporate name of the foreign corporation and the name of the state or country under whose law it is incorporated;

(2) The street address of the foreign corporation's registered office and the name of its current registered agent at that office in this state. A post office box number may be provided in addition to the street address;

(3) The street address of the foreign corporation's principal office;

(4) The names and street addresses of the foreign corporation's directors and principal officers which shall include the president, secretary, and treasurer;

(5) A brief description of the nature of the foreign corporation's business;

(6) The value of the property owned and used by the foreign corporation in this state and where such property is situated; and

(7) The change or changes, if any, in the above particulars made since the last biennial report.

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