18-407. Public utility districts; creation by petition; denial.

If a petition is filed, signed by the owners of a majority of the front footage of real estate within the proposed water or gas main, or other utility service district, which petition shall contain the consent of the owners of the said real estate for the installation of gas or water mains of sizes designated by said council or directors and inserted in said petition, or of other utility service, then said water or gas main, or utility service district, shall be created; and the entire cost of laying said water or gas main, or utility service, shall be assessed and collected as provided in sections 18-405 to 18-410. The governing body shall have the discretion to deny the formation of the proposed district when the area to be improved has not previously been improved with a water system, sewer system, and grading of streets. If the governing body should deny a requested district formation, it shall state the grounds for such denial in a written letter to interested parties.

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