Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2477

Chapter 18 Section 2477


Bonds; notice of intention to issue bonds; publication; contents.

In the case of a resolution or other proceeding providing for the issuance of bonds pursuant to sections 18-2401 to 18-2485, the board may, either before or after the adoption of such resolution or other proceeding, in lieu of publishing the entire resolution or other proceeding, publish a notice of intention to issue bonds under sections 18-2401 to 18-2485, titled as such, containing:

(1) The name of the agency;

(2) The purpose of the issue, including a brief description of the project and the name of the municipalities to be serviced by the project;

(3) The principal amount of bonds to be issued;

(4) The maturity date or dates and amount or amounts maturing on such dates;

(5) The maximum rate of interest payable on the bonds; and

(6) The times and place where a copy of the form of the resolution or other proceeding providing for the issuance of the bonds may be examined, which shall be at an office of the agency, identified in the notice, during regular business hours of the agency as described in the notice and for a period of at least thirty days after the publication of the notice.


  • Laws 1981, LB 132, § 77.