18-2438. Board; create committees; powers; meetings.

The board of an agency may create an executive committee the composition of which shall be set forth in the bylaws of the agency. The executive committee shall have and exercise the power and authority of the board during intervals between the board's meetings in accordance with the board's bylaws, rules, motions, or resolutions. The terms of office of the members of the executive committee and the method of filling vacancies shall be fixed by the bylaws of the agency. The board may also create one or more committees to which the board may delegate such powers and duties as the board shall specify. In no event shall any committee be empowered to authorize the issuance of bonds. The membership and voting requirements for action by a committee shall be specified by the board. An agency which contracts with municipalities outside the State of Nebraska may hold meetings outside the State of Nebraska if such meetings are held only in such contracting municipalities. Meetings of any committee which is a public body for purposes of the Open Meetings Act may be held by any means permitted by the act.

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