Nebraska Revised Statute 17-921

Revised Statutes » Chapter 17 » 17-921
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17-921. Sewers; assessments; levy; collection.

After the equalization of such special assessments as herein required, the same shall be levied by the mayor and council or the board of village trustees, upon all lots or parcels of ground within the district specified which are benefited by reason of said improvement. The same may be relevied if, for any reason, the levy thereof is void or not enforceable and in an amount not exceeding the previous levy. Such levy shall be enforced as other special assessments, and any payments thereof under previous levies shall be credited to the person or property making the same. All assessments made for such purposes shall be collected in the same manner as general taxes and shall be subject to the same penalties.


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    R.S.1943, § 17-921.


Special assessments are a lien when levied and assessed. Belza v. Village of Emerson, 159 Neb. 651, 68 N.W.2d 272 (1955).

Where improvements are made, and property owner had opportunity to object when special assessments were determined by board, he cannot, after the levy is made, attack such levy collaterally, except for a jurisdictional defect in proceedings. Weilage v. City of Crete, 110 Neb. 544, 194 N.W. 437 (1923).