Nebraska Revised Statute 17-919

Chapter 17 Section 919


Sewers; acceptance by engineer; approval; cost; assessments; notice.

After the completion of any such work or purchase or otherwise acquiring the system, the engineer shall file with the clerk of such city or village a certificate of acceptance, which acceptance shall be approved by the council or board by resolution. The council or board shall then require the engineer to make a complete statement of all the costs of any such improvement and a plat of the property in the district and a schedule of the amount proposed to be assessed against each separate piece of property in such district, which shall be filed with the city or village clerk within ten days from date of acceptance of the work, purchase or otherwise acquiring the system. The council or board shall then order the clerk to give notice that such plat and schedules are on file in his office and that all objections thereto, or to prior proceedings on account of errors, irregularities or inequalities, not made in writing and filed with the city or village clerk within twenty days after the first publication of such notice, shall be deemed to have been waived. Such notice shall be given by two publications in a newspaper of general circulation published in such city or village, but if no paper is published within such city or village, then such notice may be given by publication in some newspaper of general circulation in such city or village, and by posting in each of three public places in the city or village. Such notice shall state the time and place where objections, filed as herein provided for, shall be considered by the city council or village board.


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