Nebraska Revised Statute 17-804

Chapter 17 Section 804


Water and light commissioner; compensation; removal.

In the event such city shall have created a board of public works as provided in section 17-801, the water commissioner and light commissioner shall, subject to confirmation by the mayor and council, be employed thereafter by said board at such reasonable compensation as may be agreed upon at the time of such employment and shall thereafter be under the jurisdiction of said board, any of the provisions of sections 17-401 to 17-426, 17-501 to 17-560 and 19-1401 to 19-1404 to the contrary notwithstanding. Any water commissioner or light commissioner, under the jurisdiction and control of the board of public works, may be removed by the board, after an opportunity to be heard before the mayor and council if he shall so request, for malfeasance, misfeasance or neglect in office.


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