Nebraska Revised Statute 17-557

Chapter 17 Section 557


Streets; safety regulations; removal of snow, ice, and other encroachments.

Second-class cities and villages shall have power to prevent and remove all encroachments, including snow, ice, mud or other obstructions, into and upon all sidewalks, streets, avenues, alleys, and other city or village property, and to punish and prevent all horseracing, fast driving or riding in the streets, highways, alleys, bridges, or places in the city or village, and all games, practices or amusements therein likely to result in damage to any person or property; and to regulate, prevent and punish the riding, driving or passing of horses, mules, cattle or other teams or any vehicle drawn thereby, over, upon or across sidewalks, or along any street of the city or village.


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  • Municipality may be liable for injuries caused pedestrian by reason of the failure to remove rubbish mixed with ice and snow that has been allowed to accumulate in gutter on street. Pinches v. Village of Dickens, 127 Neb. 239, 254 N.W. 877 (1934).

  • City of second class has authority by ordinance to regulate use of sidewalks and streets and to remove obstructions therefrom, but such body cannot act arbitrarily and deny one citizen privileges which it grants to others. City of Pierce v. Schramm, 116 Neb. 263, 216 N.W. 809 (1927).

  • Village is required to exercise due care in keeping its streets free from defects, obstructions, or physical conditions immediately connected therewith. Chaney v. Village of Riverton, 104 Neb. 189, 177 N.W. 845 (1920).

  • Where the city has permitted a sidewalk to be maintained, it is liable for the defects in such walk and such duty is not affected by the fact that under its ordinance a narrower walk might have been erected. City of Chadron v. Glover, 43 Neb. 732, 62 N.W. 62 (1895); Kinney v. City of Tekamah, 30 Neb. 605, 46 N.W. 835 (1890); Foxworthy v. City of Hastings, 25 Neb. 133, 41 N.W. 132 (1888).