Nebraska Revised Statute 17-514

Revised Statutes » Chapter 17 » 17-514
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17-514. Streets; improvement; assessments; certification to county treasurer.

All assessments shall be a lien on the property on which levied from the date of levy, and shall thereupon be certified by direction of the council or board of trustees to the treasurer of such city or village for collection. Except as provided in section 18-1216, such assessment shall be due and payable to such treasurer until the first day of November thereafter, or until the delivery of the tax list for such year to the treasurer of the county in which such city or village may be situated, at and after which time the same shall be due and payable to such county treasurer. The council or board of trustees of such city or village shall, within the time provided by law, cause such assessments, or portion thereof then remaining unpaid, to be certified to the county clerk of the county for entry upon the proper tax lists. If the city or village treasurer collects any assessment or portion thereof so certified while the same shall be payable to the county treasurer, the city or village treasurer shall certify the assessment or portion thereof to the county treasurer at once, and the county treasurer shall correct the record to show such payment.


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Special assessments are a lien from date of levy. Belza v. Village of Emerson, 159 Neb. 651, 68 N.W.2d 272 (1955).

Special assessments on real property are a lien inferior to lien of general taxes, and where property is sold at a tax foreclosure to satisfy lien of general taxes, title passes to a purchaser by such sale, free and clear of all special assessment liens. Polenz v. City of Ravenna, 145 Neb. 845, 18 N.W.2d 510 (1945).