Nebraska Revised Statute 17-306

Revised Statutes » Chapter 17 » 17-306
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17-306. City of the second class; reorganization as village.

Whenever any city of the second class desires to discontinue its organization as a city and organize as a village, and one-fourth of the legal voters of such city shall petition the city council, the council shall cause to be published, for at least thirty days, a notice stating that the question of adopting village government will be submitted at the next city election, or at a special election announced in such notice. The form of ballot shall be For organization as a village, and Against organization as a village, and at the same election the qualified voters shall vote for five trustees for the village. If a majority of the votes cast are For organization as a village, then such city shall within sixty days after such election become a village and be governed under the provisions of the law relating to a village unless it shall at some future election adopt a city government in the manner provided herein for the adoption of a village government.


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Whenever a city of second class desires to discontinue its organization and return to a village organization, it may do so. State ex rel. Hostetter v. Holden, 19 Neb. 249, 27 N.W. 120 (1886).