Nebraska Revised Statute 17-229

Chapter 17 Section 229


Street improvement program; authorization; tax levy.

If the board of trustees of a village in the State of Nebraska by a three-fourths vote of the members elected to the board determines by ordinance the necessity of initiating a street improvements program within the village, which improvements are in the nature of a general benefit to the whole community and not of special benefit to adjoining or to abutting property and which consists of graveling, base stabilization, oiling, or other improvements to the streets, but which improvements do not consist of curb and gutter or asphalt or concrete pavings, the chairperson and board of trustees may, by such ordinance, provide for the levy and collection of a special tax not exceeding seventeen and five-tenths cents on each one hundred dollars on the taxable value of all the taxable property in the village for a period of not to exceed five years to create a fund for the payment of such improvements.


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