Nebraska Revised Statute 17-144

Chapter 17 Section 144


Railroads; crossings; grades; drainage; regulation.

A second-class city shall have power to require railroad companies to keep flagmen at railroad crossings of streets, and provide protection against injury to persons and property in the use of such railroads. It may compel any railroad to raise or lower its railroad tracks to conform to any grade which may at any time be established by such city or village, and, where such tracks run lengthwise of any street, alley or highway, to keep its railroad tracks on a level with the street surface, and so that such tracks may be crossed at any place on such alley or highway. It may compel and require railroad companies to make and keep open streets, and to keep in repair ditches, drains, sewers and culverts along and under their railroad tracks, so that filthy or stagnant pools of water cannot stand on their grounds or rights-of-way, and so that drainage of adjacent property or streets shall not be impeded.


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