Nebraska Revised Statute 17-123

Chapter 17 Section 123


Public health; regulations; water; power to supply.

A city of the second class shall have the power to make regulations to secure the general health of the city, to prevent and remove nuisances within the city and within its extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction, and to provide the city with water.



  • City of second class may bring action to enjoin maintenance of a nuisance. City of Lyons v. Betts, 184 Neb. 746, 171 N.W.2d 792 (1969).

  • It is not incumbent upon city to enact ordinance prohibiting a nuisance before it has a right to apply to a court of equity for relief. City of Syracuse v. Farmers Elevator, Inc., 182 Neb. 783, 157 N.W.2d 394 (1968).

  • Village may bring action in equity to enjoin maintenance of public nuisance. Village of Kenesaw v. Chicago, B. & Q. R. R. Co., 91 Neb. 619, 136 N.W. 990 (1912).