16-718. City treasurer; warrants; issuance; delivery.

Upon allowance of a claim by the city council, the order for the payment thereof shall specify the particular fund out of which it is payable as specified in the adopted budget statement, and no order or warrant shall be drawn in excess of eighty-five percent of the current levy for the purpose for which it is drawn unless there shall be sufficient money in the treasury to the credit of the proper fund for its payment, and no claim shall be audited or allowed except an order or warrant for the payment thereof may legally be drawn. All warrants drawn upon the treasury must be signed by the mayor and countersigned by the city clerk and shall state the particular fund to which the same is chargeable, the person to whom payable, and for what particular object. No money shall be otherwise paid than upon such warrant so drawn. Such warrants may be delivered immediately when so drawn.

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