16-667.01. Prohibit formation of district; procedure.

Upon formation by city ordinance of sewerage, drainage, and water service districts as described by section 16-667, the city shall mail copies of such city ordinance and this section to the owners of the record title of any property abutting upon the streets, avenues, or alleys, or parts thereof, which are within such district within twenty calendar days of the passage of the ordinance. The owners of the record title representing more than fifty percent of the front footage of the property abutting upon the streets, avenues, or alleys, or parts thereof which are within such a proposed district may, by petition, stop formation of such a district. Such written protest shall be submitted to the city council or city clerk within thirty calendar days after publication of notice concerning the ordinance in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in the city. Publication of such notice shall follow within ten calendar days after passage of such an ordinance. The mailing notice requirement of this section shall be satisfied by mailing a copy of the ordinance and this section by United States mail to the last-known address of the owners of the record title.

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