16-6,103. Districts; benefits; certification; connection fee.

After sanitary sewer mains or water mains have been constructed in the districts as provided under section 16-6,102, the cost thereof shall be reported to the city council and the city council, sitting as a board of equalization, shall determine benefits to abutting property. The special benefits as determined by the board of equalization shall not be levied as special assessments against the property within the district but shall be certified in a resolution of the city council to the register of deeds of the county in which the improvement district is constructed. A connection fee in the amount of the benefit accruing to the property in the district shall be paid to the city at the time such property becomes connected to the sewer main or water main. The city shall provide that no property thus benefited by sanitary sewer or water main improvements shall be connected to the sanitary sewer or water mains until the connection fee is paid.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 73, § 2, p. 397; Laws 2016, LB704, § 166.